Airport Transfer Services

Why choose our Airport Transfer Services?

First of all, our cars are always clean, regularly maintained and 100% insured, we are always friendly and always on time. We will meet you at the arrival terminal, help you with your luggage and carefully bring you to your destination. For kids, we offer baby car seats for free.

You can book your Airport Transfer at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days in the week. Please, keep in mind, that we recommend to do this in advance in order to avoid a force majeure clause.


Some of the other advantages of choosing our Private Airport Transfer Service:

  • Ability to book a trip at any time;
  • High-quality service throughout the route from point A to point B;
  • Friendly communication and clean cars;
  • Trip price is always known in advance, without any hidden charges;
  • Every trip is absolutely safe and secure;
  • Free baby car seats;
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can always contact us and adjust the travel request;
  • All drivers are citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • If the arrival of the airplane is delayed, the driver will in any case wait for you and your guests;
  • We transport pets;
  • Trips are as fast as possible: the driver will navigate through the navigator in such a way as to avoid traffic jams if possible;
  • You can always ask for a personal meeting with the driver at the airport;
  • No need to pay for additional parking at the airport;
  • You can always tell the dispatcher any additional requests in the application.

Save your time and energy before the air trip or upon arrival from it. Do not carry heavy bags and suitcases on your own. Every time we prove that booking our Airport Transfer Service is convenient, comfortable and valuable, especially for a large family or company.

How to book an Airport Hotel Transfer – Step-by-Step Guide about the Transfer Booking Procedure

Important information and everything you need to know


1. Booking your transfer

This is very simple, please complete the whole form or just contact us by phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger or E-Mai. We will tell you the availablity, cost and travel time in our reply.

Once you accept the quote we and make the payment, we will arrange the taxi and provide you with a confirmation including drivers cell phone number and description of the vehicle.


2. The Advance Payment (optional)

The advance payment is optional and if you prefer it, you can use PayPal. This way the payment can be made even if you do not have an account in PayPal.

Keep in mind, that we do not require any of your credit/debit card details!

If you prefer to pay in cash when you arrive, so be it.


3. On Arrival at the Airport

Please power up your cell phone to receive the text message sent by the driver. Our drivers regularly message international cell phones. Please reply to the message, if possible. If you are delayed for any reason please contact your driver.


4. Where will the driver be waiting

The driver will wait for you at arrivals hall, holding a board with your name on it.


5. Child and Baby Car Seats

Whether you are travelling alone or with family, your safety and comfort is of utmost importance to us. So, if there are any young children travelling with you, we will be happy to provide you a FREE baby seat or child seat to ensure the safety of our young travellers.


6. Travelling with pets

Pets are allowed on a transfer, but keep in mind, that you need to have your own appropriated pet box. Driver must be informed about pets presence on a transfer and also about the dimensions of the pet box.


7. Delayed or cancelled flights

In case of delays or even cancelations, you have to contact the driver as soon as possible, because he is following the official arriving time for your flight number. If your flight is delayed for more then 1-2 hours, keep in mind that we have to adjust your booking, according our other airport transfer reservations. Please, show understanding, because if there is are delays to any others’ flight, we have to be in time for your arrival too.


8. Private Airport Transfer Service

As we offer only premium and high-quality services, your Airport Transfer is a private service and you won’t share it with anyone else. We do not offer shared airport transfers, so there is not any chance to combine your transfer with anyone else’s.


9. Drop off point

The drop off point is your final destination. If you are arriving, the drop off point is your hotel/residence and if you are departing – the drop off point is the airport.

We always drive our passengers exactly to the entrance of the drop off point.


Final word

As you see, it is really easy, fast and valuable if you choose us to make your airport transfer. We are always on time with cleaned and insured cars, free baby/children seats, friendly drivers and many more extras. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to contact us – we are always trying to fit our clients’ needs.